Inspirational Books are books that help us keep motivated and encouraged to journey through life!

God wants you to have an amazing life. Let these books inspire, guide and walk you through as you fulfill God’s grand plans for you. Be inspired by the wisdom of powerful, anointed authors and learn to live a fantastic life!

Some titles under this category are:

40 Stories of Passion

The book presents stories of 40 persons who share their secrets, their trials, their dreams, and their joys. Among the personalities who share their stories are Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Mike Velarde, Socorro Ramos, Tony Meloto, Sr. Pilar Verzosa and Dylan Wilk.

Sanchez says the book may be a 40-day retreat as readers may reflect on one story a day, enter the world of these extraordinary persons, be inspired by their powerful stories, and thus gain massive inspiration to create their own beautiful story.

5 Things You Need To Do Before You Die

The Five Paths to Profound Happiness

If you’ve ever wondered how to live and die with profound happiness – this is it. Look no further. The secrets are in your hands.

Through this life-changing book, 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE (How to Follow Your Bliss and Live a Life of No Regrets), God will teach you how to live fully, deliberately and passionately.

Bo Sanchez calls this a “dangerous” book.

Because in these pages, you’ll learn the 5 Most Powerful Keys you need to embrace life in all its fullness and glory. Apply these five things and you’ll never be the same person again!

Here are the 5 Paths to Profound Happiness:

Key 1: Celebrate Who You Are
Key 2: Live in Your Courage Zone
Key 3: Put People Before Things
Key 4: Enjoy Life in the Present Moment
Key 5: Sacrifice for Something Bigger than Yourself

Open these pages – and enter the world of bliss.

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