Dating and Relationships can be joyful, heartbreaking, and challenging. Let these books guide you in your journey to building long-lasting relationships.

Discover some Dating and Relationships books that can help you through your highs and lows:

Why Is My Forever Taking Forever?

Why has nothing ever worked out?

What’s all this waiting for?

You meet someone potentially great, but he turns out to be a miserable flop. You may have entertained relationships just to feel good about yourself, but then it leaves you with a scarred heart. You may have found someone attractive, but you don’t seem to exist to him. Or you may still be hung up on your ex, the one that got away. You may even have tried to make things happen, but they all have proven to be a waste of time.

Then you begin to wonder: “Is there something wrong with me?” On good days, you ask, “What is wrong with the guys?” And when you go to the malls, you see sweet couples holding hands and you can’t help but think, “When will it be my turn?”

Single season my be filled with frustrations, but trust me, it can also be a time of real celebration. Instead of mulling over someone missing in your life, focus on making it the best time of your life!

This book will help you enjoy every bit of this season and prepare for a future filled with hope.

Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin?


Have you ever asked this question before? Sabay follow up ng, “Kung ‘di ako pangit, eh bakit single pa rin ako?” This may be the biggest question that many singles who have not yet found their partner in life are asking.

If this question is answered incorrectly, it will lead to discontent, impatience, and misery. Kaya imbis na na-eenjoy mo ang pagiging single mo, tinatrato mo ito bilang sumpa na kailangan mo nang malampasan o takasan.


Kasi marami kang kalokohang pinaniniwalaan tungkol sa pag-ibig.

This book will bust these relationship myths and other crazy things you believed about love while growing up.

Let this book guide you not only in finding your one true love, but also in living your single life to the fullest.


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