Age Well


Prepare Your Body, Heart, and Mind to Grow Gracefully

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Aging doesn’t have to be scary. Nobody taught us how to grow old gracefully. That’s why Rissa Singson Kawpeng wrote this book. Unmasking her fears and uncertainties that come with wrinkling skin, menopause, and graying hair, she uncovers an “Age Well,” a reservoir of things we need to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

In this book, she outlines how to:

• Prepare your body to dodge illness and remain strong

• Anticipate menopause and tackle its negative effects

• Avoid emotions that are detrimental to your health

• Determine the right company and activities to help you age positively

• Combat forgetfulness and nurture a mindset that contributes to longevity

• Keep learning to manage your retirement fund, delay cognitive decline, and maximize technology to assist you in old age

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