How to Avoid Jerks & Jerkettes


Avoid a Lifetime of Misery!

Many marriages end up broken today. Or they stay together but are miserable together. Is there a way to make marriage beautiful forever? Bestselling author and international speaker Bo Sanchez believes there is. He says that the most important way of saving a marriage is before it starts. In this very practical book, he wants to teach singles (1) how to choose the right personand (2) how to be the right person.

Warning: Some of the stuff you’ll learn here will be tough. It won’t be easy to swallow. But a little pain today is better than a lot of pain tomorrow.

In this book, you’ll learn…

  • 8 Red Lights that tell you the person you’re dating is a jerk
  • The one thing that is more important than compatibility
  • 6 Wring Reasons to push through with the marriage
  • The 3 Steps to Attract the Right Person into your life
  • 7 Hard Questions you need to ask yourself before saying “I do.”

(Note: Married people need to read this too – so you can teach your kids! Save their marriage before it starts.)


How to Avoid Jerks and Jerkettes So You Can Find God’s Best by Bo Sanchez

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