• How to Avoid Jerks & Jerkettes
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      • How to Avoid Jerks & Jerkettes

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      • Avoid a Lifetime of Misery! Many marriages end up broken today. Or they stay together but are miserable together. Is there a way to make marriage beautiful forever? Bestselling author and international speaker Bo Sanchez believes there is. He says that the most important way of saving a marriage is before it starts. In this very practical book, he wants…
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      Taken by Love
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      • Taken by Love

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      • Ultimately, it all comes down to love. The collection of personal stories and reflections in this book, Taken By Love, trace the author’s experiences of encountering the immense love of God — from her conversion to her entry into the renewal; her life of discipleship in community and on mission; and her experience of God’s love even amidst sickness. It tells of amazing miracles…