Heart Detox


Are You Ready to Get Rid of the Garbage That You’ve Carried in Your Heart for Many Years?

Warning: You don’t read this kind of book for entertainment. You read this kind of book because you want a Total Life Overhaul.

You want a Heart Detox.

In these pages, you’ll discover how to dig deep and uproot the poisonous thought habits that have been buried inside you for many years. These dysfunctional thought habits have given birth to toxic feelings that have robbed you of your happiness, health, abundance and future.

In this book, you’ll discover…

  • Three steps to manage your most difficult emotions
  • Five powerful handles to take charge of your most toxic feelings
  • Specific and doable instructions on how to overcome bitterness, pettiness, despair, insecurity, worry, and fear.

Are you ready to get rid of the garbage that you’ve carried inside you for so long?

Are you ready to experience radical healing now?

It’s about time.

Read this book and receive God’s inner healing today.

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