Bundle: Whole Again + Don’t Let Them Lose You


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Bundle: Whole Again + Don’t Let Them Lose You by Dr. Didoy Lubaton


Listen to Your Body

God designed your body to be healthy. When your body needs something–water, food, or sleep; love, laughter, or peace–it whispers.

But you fail to listen to your body because you are distracted by the noise outside. So, your body starves, and that’s when it begins to shout–and even scream–whenever you get sick.

In this book, Bo Sanchez and Dr. Didoy Lubaton team up to encourage you to listen to and love your body. They share practical, simple, and natural ways of achieving not only well but wholeness of body, mind and spirit by consulting the Seven Doctors of the Body:

Doctor Sleep
Doctor Breathe
Doctor Drink
Doctor Food
Doctor Move
Doctor Sun
Doctor Green

You have been created whole and natural by God, and the best way to care for your body is the natural way. Be responsible for your body and tap into its God-given, built-in healing capability today.


Are You Healthy Enough to See Your Loved Ones Grow?
In this book, Dr. Didoy shares simple and holistic ways to combat sickness and t be fully alive. Many people live today in regrets — wanting to pull back the time so they can be healthier and happier. You don’t have to be one of them. Read this book and decide to take care of yourself better. Now.

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