Bundle: The Beauty of 40 + Family Goals


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Bundle: The Beauty of 40 + Family Goals

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Does Midlife Have to be a Crisis?
The Beauty of 40: Unwrapping the Gift of Midlife is a call to clarity, reflection, and sensible responses to what is happening within us sometime around age 40 and beyond.

Award-winning author, family life specialist, psychologist, and sought-after speaker, Dr. Michele Alignay, has written real-life matters and issues that we need to come to terms with a midlife. In this deeply personal book, Ichel talks about the beauty and pains of growing up and the early adult years, and how these integrate in an inner process during the season of midlife. Drawing on her experience and expertise, she dissected through candid, down-to-earth yet soulful insights and practical points the crucial areas of the self in this book.

The pages unwrap the gift of midlife and how to navigate the season. The Beauty of 40 is an assurance that midlife need not be a crisis. Rather, it can be a beautiful inward process of deepening one’s relationship with the self and with God.

In these pages, be prepared to learn from Dr. Ichel. The lessons she gives are bite-sized and based on her own life, making them relevant, relatable, and oh so real! Enjoy!


Wouldn’t it be great to have a perfect family?

But now and then we get stuck with issues and problems that make it imperfect. Sometimes it can seem like downright hell!

Our family means the world to us, but they’re the same people who get on our nerves. We want to improve the situation, but the very people we want to help are part of the system that keeps us trapped.

So how on earth can we understand and embrace our far-from-perfect family? Finally, here’s a book that points us where our relationships have gone wrong, what we can do to revamp them and what goals to aim for to have a perfectly imperfect family we all dream of.

This book will give you practical and wise lessons to help you:

Confront sticky issues and conflicts that tear your family apart
Increase your intimacy with your mate
Apply healthy ways of coping with life’s stresses, especially those that attack your family’s well-being
Have crucial conversations with your kids and teens on growing-up pains, sexuality and other issues in our digital age
Maneuver through critical family matters that will inspire you to deliberately work to achieve your family goals so you can go from OK to great!

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