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Create Life Long Intimacy with Your Spouse.

In this hot and spicy book, you’ll learn how you can make married sex the best sex in the world!

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How to Seduce Your Spouse?

Do you want to have a great sex life in your marriage? After twenty-five years of marriage, Bo and Marowe Sanchez can say that a great sex life isn’t measured by frequency, intensity, or acrobatic dexterity but spiritual generosity. This book isn’t a sex manual but a relationship manual. At the end of the day, great sex is great selflessness. The secret to a great sex life is three words: sex is service. Bo says, “As a husband, sex is my way of serving my wife.” More than a great sex life, what you want is to have a great life together. Sex is a small part of your relationship. But many times (not always), it can be a thermometer of your relationship.

In these pages, you’ll learn:

• How men and women have different sexual needs

• Six strategies to satisfy a woman’s sexual wants

• Six strategies to satisfy a man’s sexual wants

• Seven external causes of sex difficulties

• Other sex problems in marriage—and their solutions

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