Marjorie Duterte

Inspirational Author, Teacher, and Book Writing Coach

Marjorie wrote the healing book, Love Yourself as God Loves You, where she shares the building blocks of loving one’s self according to God’s design. She believes that learning to love one’s self in a healthy way is foundational to living a life of no regrets. She cofounded the Soul Spa workshop, a seminar on loving yourself and finding your purpose. She also conducts the Writers’ Retreat, which teaches aspiring authors how to produce their books from concept to publication.

A writer at heart, Marjorie is gifted with creativity and a beautiful imagination. A lover of words, worlds, and songs, she weaves her passion for people, places, and faith into her inspiring stories. When all has been said and done, Marj agrees with Saint Paul that, in the end, only three things will remain: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.