Unlove: Heal Yourself from Toxic Romance and Love in a Healthy Way


Discover a Path to Healthy Romance

Friend, how’s your heart?
Is it tired? Hurting? Bleeding?
Did it recently break into a million pieces?
Is it hardened and numbed from all the pain?
It’s time to mend your wounded heart.

If you’re stuck in a toxic relationship that steals your peace and joy; if you find yourself in a “friendship with benefits” because you think that’s all you deserve; if you feel needy and impatient as you wait for your one true love and are tempted to settle—this book is for you.

You stay in unhealthy relationships long enough and you start to believe it’s how it’s meant to be—painful. The truth is, real love is peaceful. UnLove will help you see true love for what it is and expose its counterfeits. It also provides insights, steps, and prayers to help you move from a toxic relationship to a healthy one.

Don’t settle for a toxic romance or a pseudo-relationship. You deserve the best kind of love—the happy, holy, and healthy relationship God wants for you. Let UnLove heal your broken, weary heart and make it whole again.

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