The Journey


Welcome to the Journey!

Your faith life is an ongoing journey. But God doesn’t want you to do this alone. God wants you to be a fisher of men and women. He wants you to be a disciple maker and help people follow Jesus by loving them through personal relationships.

The first step of your discipleship process is the Love Someone Today booklet. (If you haven’t read it, go get one and read it with a friend.)

The second step is this book. It contains eighteen spiritually enriching lessons that will help you grow in your personal relationship with the Lord, and is designed to be read with another person—a discipler or disciple. To follow Jesus, here are some basic truths you’ll need to learn:

• How to Nurture Gratitude
• How to Receive the Savior
• How to Reject Evil
• How to Live Your Eternal Life Now
• How to Keep Growing
• How to Pray Every Day
• How to Serve God

Keep walking with Jesus and invite others to walk with you. Take them on a journey of faith today.

When you purchase this book, you also become a blessing to others, as Bo donates the royalties from all his books to his many dynamic ministries.

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