The #1 Reason Why You’re Diabetic


“This book is explosive. Many will be healed!” – Bo Sanchez, Bestselling Author

“This second book of Dr. Renato U. Paragas, The #1 Reason Why You’re Diabetic: The 4-Week Program To Conquer It, challenges us to re-think our conventional, traditional understanding of the causes, reasons, and treatments for diabetes, known as the silent scourge and killer of the 21st century. Destined to create a stir among the mainstream practitioners, it debunks the “myths” surrounding the conventional approaches to this malaise and persuades us to accept the basic, simple, and crystal-clear truth that “unintentional chronic dehydration” is the real culprit. The living testimonials are more than enough to convince the skeptics and critics. Dr. Rhen, despite your painful experience and memories for the lost battle with your mother against diabetes, you certainly made your Mom very proud of you for courageously publishing this opus, almost like an apologia to her. My warmest congratulations for another excellent work, a pledge and a sign of fidelity to your advocacy and mission as a natural healer ad doctor. God bless!” – Fr. Philip Francis R. Bersabe, Parish Priest, Nuestra Senora De Katipunan Parish. Paloyon, Nabua, Camarines Sur

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