Raising Heirs


How do you raise a selfless generation in a self-entitled world?

The first generation makes the money. The second generation spends it. By the third generation, there’s nothing left. It’s the same classic story that we’ve heard before and we can’t help but ask — why do many accomplished entrepreneurs find it easier to build a business than to raise their children to become independently successful?

This book is for those wondering why their children are lazy and reckless with their money. This is for the children who wonder why they’re being labeled as lazy and self-indulgent. And this is for those who are close to success and have the time to prepare their children for what’s to come.

The solution lies in your hands. The best part about it is that it won’t cost you a fortune.



One of the joys of teaching is seeing your students blossom long after they leave you. As a college communication major, Eleanore had the basic skills that would help her build a successful career wherever she went later on. And yet, like most diamonds in the rough, there were the youthful writing slips that we all go through. Eleanore can’t seem to forget that I once scribbled on a paragraph in one of her class paper submissions “slightly redundant,” as young writers allow their passions to fly and forget that they had already said what they wanted to express. I was one of her first editors who wanted to make the depth of her insightful messages clearer and more precise.

Eleanore has own out of my classroom into the larger sky of the public domain and this collection of anecdotes and lessons from a life she knows very well reveals her storytelling skills that will make you really understand people you thought you knew. There is that honesty in her writing that I discovered long ago and will continue to enjoy as she writes even more.

—Severino R. Sarmenta Jr., PhD
Department of Communication chair,
Ateneo de Manila University
Veteran broadcast and print journalist

With this gem of a book, Eleanore pens a thoughtful, clearly written, and honest guide to the question—how do we raise kids to be adults with purpose?

Eleanore, who has a front seat to this show, both as a daughter of a successful entrepreneur and as a professional who works with many of the country’s elite, knows of what she writes. Part memoir, part chicken soup for the soul, she gives us an antidote to “crazy rich Asians” and helps readers understand that raising kids is not about turning them into replicas of ourselves. It is about allowing them to grow into their own person.

I highly recommend it.

—Lisa Y. Gokongwei-Cheng
President, Summit Media

Years ago over coffee, Eleanore and I talked about her writing a book that depicts the challenges of raising children among privileged families. Finally, it’s here! It’s a brave, honest, and heartfelt sharing of someone who grew up in that circle of privilege. Reading the sometimes funny and sometimes heart- tugging stories of Eleanore will make you realize that in spite of abundance, rich parents and children have their own set of challenges. It gives all of us valuable insights, so that we keep our quick judgment in check. It’s also a good heads-up for families building their wealth so that they too are guided about what lies ahead as they prosper.

In the end, what really matters to families is the quality of relationships we foster, whether you’re rich or poor.

—Rose Fres Fausto
FQ mom, writer, speaker, behavioral economist

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