Your Newborn Is A Blessing


Are you scared out of your wits but still want to be hands-on in caring for your baby?

Do you have the necessary skills to cope with the stress of having a newborn baby? Are you equipped with the right tools to know when and how to respond to your child’s needs? Do you have the proper armor to face a battle with a crying baby?

Don’t worry! Be brave! This book will show you how you can:

  • Care for your newborn with the right skills, tools and frame of mind.
  • Determine the nuance of every act or expression that your baby makes.
  • Find out the need to screen for the presence of congenital diseases to prevent complications like mental retardation and death.
  • Assess your child’s condition to avoid development of serious illness.
  • Know your true calling as a parent with God’s amazing grace.

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