Life Manual 101: How to Make Your Dreams Come True


May Your Dreams Come True

Friend, what are your dreams? Those dreams you have in your heart of hearts? God has placed them in the very fiber of your being. His plan for your life is connected to your deepest desires.

Here’s the truth: God wants to make your dreams come true. But he needs your help. He has already equipped you with the gifts, talents and resources you need to accomplish the beautiful dreams He has for your life.

But why is it that your dream still remains a dream? There are some important principles you still need to learn and apply, like what to do when your dreams are bigger than your resources, how to marry your purpose and hire your strategy, and find God’s solution when you encounter obstacles that stop you from fulfilling your dream.

You may be on the verge of giving up or may have abandoned all hope. This book will inspire you, motivate you and bring your dreams back to fire!

Yes, your dreams don’t have to remain just dreams. Learn how to achieve your God-ordained destiny by following these seven crucial steps:

Step 1: Conceive
Step 2: Receive
Step 3: Achieve
Step 4: Adjust
Step 5: Supply
Step 6: Solutions
Step 7: Significance

What are you waiting for? It’s time to make your dreams come true. This book will change your life.

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