5 Things You Need To Do Before You Die


The Five Paths to Profound Happiness

If you’ve ever wondered how to live and die with profound happiness – this is it. Look no further. The secrets are in your hands.

Through this life-changing book, 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE (How to Follow Your Bliss and Live a Life of No Regrets), God will teach you how to live fully, deliberately and passionately.

Bo Sanchez calls this a “dangerous” book.

Because in these pages, you’ll learn the 5 Most Powerful Keys you need to embrace life in all its fullness and glory. Apply these five things and you’ll never be the same person again!

Here are the 5 Paths to Profound Happiness:

Key 1: Celebrate Who You Are
Key 2: Live in Your Courage Zone
Key 3: Put People Before Things
Key 4: Enjoy Life in the Present Moment
Key 5: Sacrifice for Something Bigger than Yourself

Open these pages – and enter the world of bliss.

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