Ask for A Bigger Blanket – ebook



Do you feel stuck? Sleeping in your life journey? This powerful book is your WAKE-UP call. Grab it, and change your life. —Bo Sanchez Bestselling Author Founder & Preacher, Light of Jesus Family

Penny is instrumental in ushering in a revolution of positivity during these trying times. Her love for humanity and the Filipino people is evident in her works such as her first book “Career Shift.” Her latest piece further concretizes her indomitable spirit to lead others to realize the best versions of themselves. —Jonathan De Luzuriaga CEO and President, Spring Valley, Roxas City President, Philippine Software Industry Association President, National ICT Confederation of the Philippines

Penny once again challenges the readers to think big, dream big. As you go through the pages of this book, you may find yourself in one of the main characters of a blanket true story. Reflect on your personal situation; be inspired by their story, and find the courage to change your life. If you are stuck, ask yourself: what do I stand to lose if I ask for a bigger blanket? —Gracie Arroyo-Cruz HR Practitioner

I love this book, “Ask for a Bigger Blanket.” This is what we all need as Filipinos so that we can come out of our comfort zones and live the life we truly deserve. Savor every word of this book and get ready to overflow. —Coach JC Libiran Author, “Wholehearted” Builder, Feast PICC OPM