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      Cruising on Cotton Candy Clouds
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      • Cruising on Cotton Candy Clouds

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      • My name is Ludmila, and I'm a cart pusher. Thus begins the journey of Lud, a flight attendant for nine years. Using the various stages of flying as an analogy, the book traces how she joined the airline industry, the many bumps she encountered along the way, and the lessons she learned from them. Real, light-hearted and inspiring, you'll read…
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      How Underdogs Can Become Overcomers
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      • How Underdogs Can Become Overcomers

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      • How Can Underdogs Become Overcomers? JPaul Hernandez was a twentysomething trapped in credit card debts and purposeless living. After a series of wrong decisions, he hit rock bottom with the stress of his problems eating him up. It wasn't an easy journey, but through hard work, grit, training, the guidance of coaches and mentors, and God's unending grace, he was…
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      Taken by Love
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      • Taken by Love

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      • Ultimately, it all comes down to love. The collection of personal stories and reflections in this book, Taken By Love, trace the author’s experiences of encountering the immense love of God — from her conversion to her entry into the renewal; her life of discipleship in community and on mission; and her experience of God’s love even amidst sickness. It tells of amazing miracles…