Author of Don’t Let Them Lose You

Dr. Didoy Lubaton is a passionate health mentor, preacher and motivational speaker. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Medicine degrees in University of Santo Tomas. He practices general medicine using a natural and holistic approach. He has helped many individuals and organizations to achieve balance and wholeness — leading them to heal in body, mind and spirit. He regularly conducts health seminars and healing retreats. He is also the founder of Healer in You Club, an online club that gives daily health tips and more to subscribers. He writes for Kerygma, the number one Catholic inspirational magazine in the Philippines, and for the daily devotional, Didache.

As a servant of God, he preaches weekly at The Feast Bay Area, one of the weekly prayer gatherings of the Light of Jesus Family under the leadership of Bo Sanchez. Dr. Didoy is married to Mayi Lubaton, an expert who teaches personal finance and investing in the stock market. Together, they are considered health and wealth mentors. They live in Makati City, Philippines.