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The Boat Is Sinking

No matter how far you are up to the corporate ladder, no matter how young or old you are, the game “the boat is sinking” strikes a nerve.

A sinking boat—rock bottom—feels so much like an ending. Like the end of a story. That’s why they call it “a sinking feeling” and it’s never used to describe a good thing.

But what if what feels like an ending, what feels like the end of a story, is often just the beginning?

What if countless people can attest to rock bottom being the catalyst that changed their lives?

What if many will say that rock bottom is the best thing that happened to them?

Renowned management consultant and organization development specialist Omy Romero, PhD, offers insight into what most of us dread—hitting rock bottom. Having experienced his own rock bottom and witnessing “sinking boat” episodes in both organizations and individuals he’s worked with, the author reminds us, “The is power in rock bottom!”

“In the days when publishing has been democratized and writers are a dime a dozen, I am glad my friend Omy Romero has written a book that is packed with time-tested truths, embodied by a practitioner who has real-life applications. For some, it will be like a review; for others, it is invaluable wisdom, altogether refreshing, I trust you will enjoy it as much as I did.”
— Joey Bonifacio, senoir pastor, Every Nation Singapore, author of The Promise No One Wants

“My life verse has always been Romans 8:28: ‘For all things work for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.’ This is a ‘bookful’ of evidence. But lest you think it is stodgy truth, you got another thing coming. Omy has made rock bottom a thing to look back at and look forward to.”
— Luchi Cruz Valdez, broadcast journalist and News5 chief, TV5 Network, Inc.

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