I’m Tired! I Give Up! – ebook




There will be days you don’t feel like going to school.

There will be days you wish you were someone else.

There will be days you feel like giving up.

There will be days you wish you weren’t born.

There will be days you’ll be laughed at, criticized, and mocked by other people.

There will be days you’ll feel helpless.

You will go through a lot of struggles.

Despite everything you’ll experience, hear this. You are tougher than all your problems combined. You are stronger than you think. You are wiser than you believe.

This book will motivate, bless, and give you a glimpse of hope in your journey as a teen.

Read this book…and change your life.

“This book is very readable, especially for the youth. They will resonate with it. The message in each part is clear and strong.”

Fr. John Habawel, mission Rector

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Mission, Lagawe, Ifugao


“This book is very relatable to our teens today, as if someone is talking to me heart to heart while reading the book.”

Jennifer A. Garcia, teacher

Lutucan Integrated NHS, Sariaya, Quezon



It’s very insightful, heartfelt, and funny! This is so much needed by our youth today.”

Marj Duterte, author of Love yourself as God Loves You