Children’s Books are a great way to encourage your child learn more the fun way. Grab your copies from Feast Books!

Are you a busy parent wanting to bond with your child over stories of the saints, coloring books with good moral stories and more?

Now you can do so in just ten minutes. Check out some of the titles of Children’s books we have for your kid/s!

5-10 Minute Bedtime Stories for Children (The Saint Series Book 1)

Here is a book of short stories about saints that you and your child will truly enjoy
reading together.

Packed with good values and inspiration, 5-10 Minute Bedtime Stories for Children is a
creative and fun way to nurture your child’s love and faith in God.

Discover God’s amazing work in the lives of these twelve saints:

  • Anthony of Padua
  • Rose of Lima
  • Catherine of Siena
  • Francis of Assisi
  • Martha
  • Therese of the Child Jesus
  • Sebastian
  • Dominic
  • Augustine of Canterbury
  • Gregory the Great
  • Louis Martin
  • Marie Zelie Guerin

There are also illustrations, puzzles, and trivia for children to enjoy!

Read this book and go on a fun journey of faith.

Eagles don’t Fly, They Soar!

Eagles Don’t Fly… They Soar! is about an eagle named Billy Big Toes who grows up thinking he is a chicken. From the titles of the book’s chapters, you can already guess the lessons children will learn from the book: The Crime of the Clumsy Thief, A Giant Surprise, When Different Means Ugly, Flying Lessons, From One Predator to Another, A Child Is a Child No Matter What Color!, New Mommy, To Succeed, You Have to Fall Many Times, Familiar Foe, One or Two?

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