From Kerygma Books to Feast Books

From Kerygma Magazine to Feast Magazine

Last month, Kerygma Magazine and Kerygma Books signed off from the face of the earth. For the past thirty years, this miracle publication has blessed the world.

One day, a mother—with her two teenage daughters beside her—told me, “Bo, I read Kerygma when I was in high school! Because of it, I grew closer to God.” I’m happy she grew closer to God through the pages of Kerygma, but why did she have to say when she read it? High school? And she has teenage daughters now? Man, I felt like a dinosaur.

Yes, Kerygma has inspired an entire generation. But for a couple of years now, our team felt God stirring something fresh in our hearts. It was a dream to fulfill the exact same mission of Kerygma, but with a brand-new platform, with modern tools, to reach the next generation.

So what you’re holding is history in the making.

This is the first issue of the Feast Magazine, which will soon be a full digital experience. Right now, the printed copy will still be available for older folks like me, but the digital aspect of the Feast Mag will be glorious—new shows, more content through the Feast app, and new ways to experience God’s love will just be one click away.

In our brand-new Feast Mag, we hope that happy conversations with like-minded people will happen. In other words, you’ll be part of a wonderful family.

By the way, why do we call this Feast mag and Feast Books? After all, aren’t our spiritual gatherings already called by the same name? Precisely. There are over five hundred Feasts around the world, and each of them, big or small, is blessing people. I’ve visited many of them all over the world, and believe me, miracles are happening there. Lives are changing. Families are being healed. People are being transformed.

So here’s our goal: We want to capture the Feast experience in this platform. Through each story, each teaching article, each section, we want to make people receive God’s love. This is God’s embrace in a magazine.

(Taken from the first section of the Feast magazine entitled “Soul Food”)