God Made You Good


An Ancient Book that Speaks to Modern Problems

How could something written three thousand years ago speak to our most pressing problems today?

One of the core messages of the first book of the Bible is, “You’re not just good. You’re very good.” (Yep, even if it isn’t too obvious.)

But people have misunderstood Genesis.
We’re hung up on original sin. We think that’s all Genesis talks about—that we fell and we’re really bad.

We forget the other message of Genesis, which is Original Innocence. That God created us very tov—that’s Hebrew for good.

Yes, Genesis talks about the curse. It’s real. All you have to do is look around the world to know it’s real.

But Genesis says there’s the reality of blessing too—and God’s blessing came before the curse. It’s bigger. It’s better. And His blessing will conquer the world.

You’re already blessed.

Read this book and unlock the spiritual riches of Genesis for your life.

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God Made You Good | Bo Sanchez

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