An Entrepreneurial Wonder Woman



Well known all over the world for being great nurses because of their caring nature, Filipinas rarely get recognized for their uniquely Filipino business acumen that mesh business with their nurturing nature.

In this book, you will meet Techie, an extraordinary Filipina who beat the odds in the Goliath male-dominated Philippine logistics industry, defied traditional norms of womanhood in a conservative Catholic country, led a successful career that brought her to America, all expenses paid, to live the American Dream, only to give it up to be an entrepreneur, and all these after growing up in a big family of 12 and getting “kicked out” of school.

Her story is engagingly related by her youngest sister through interwoven, light and heavy, real life stories that happened in Los Angeles, the Philippines, and Cambodia. You will see how Techie built a successful business without compromising her values in a life of significance.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, you will gain helpful insights on the universal values touched upon by Techie’s story:

  • how to move on after serious setbacks-how to handle a marriage break up
  • how to raise responsible children
  • how to keep your employees loyal and motivated
  • how your hard earned money is put to better use if shared with loved ones
  • how to deal with losing your business partner and best friend
  • how it is better to love than to be right
  • how to give up a seemingly attractive opportunity (like the American Dream) without feeling like a loser
  • how wonderful it is to help your country of birth
  • and even how to handle loans to friends and relatives that are never repaid!

Uncover your own gem and the gem in others as you pursue your life purpose and live a life of significance.

“Reading this book with tears in my eyes. Thank you so much Rose for your beautiful writing. And thank you so much Techie for your beautiful life. Such a beautiful book. I loved every page.”

-Bo Sanchez, Bestselling Author

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