A One-Woman Man Speaks


The Choice Is Yours:
The Blessings of Fidelity or the Curse of Promiscuity?


There is a saying in our culture that goes, “adim bukodan nan gawis.” In English, it means, “don’t keep the good things solely to yourself.” But more than merely sharing your material wealth, this is a call to be generous and share the practice that brought you good fortune so others can replicate the deed and benefit from it, too.

I am blessed in ways and means too far too many to enumerate in this book.

What did I do to attract these blessings and keep going through life with light burdens?

A big reason came from my being a one-woman-man.

And this is what this book is all about.

I have drawn a lot of good things from it–something good that I should not keep only to myself. I know that it is my obligation to tell other men how they can benefit from it too.

Life is beautiful indeed. It can be a foretaste of heaven. But it can also be a prelude to hell if you choose to tread the alleyway down to the devious carnal practices of life.

A One-Woman Man Speaks presents the blessings of fidelity and the curse of promiscuity.


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