Lella Santiago

Author of The Happy Solo Kit

Mirella “Lella” MedenillaSantiago is a loving solo mom to two wonderful young men named Juan Alfredo and Julian Carmelo. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Major in Business Management, from the Ateneo de Manila University and acquired her Masters in Entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management.

Lella is a writer and feature editor of Insight Magazine, a contributing writer for Kerygma Magazine, and a freelance writer/editor. As part of her Media ministry duties, she serves as the editor-in-chief of Light, the inspirational magazine of The Feast Alabang district.

She and her family reside in Las Piñas City, Philippines. Read more of her inspiring daily stories on her blogs: http://mybagofmiracles.blogspot.com/, http://happyfaith.com/ , and https://happyfitfab.wordpress.com/