Author of Before I Forget

Cindy Z. Reynes has dedicated her life to caring for her 87-year-old mom who is in the last stage of Alzheimer’s disease. The youngest in the family, Cindy first took up Architecture, and then Nursing as a second degree. She worked as a review coordinator in one of the top nursing review centers for seven years. As her mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed, Cindy set aside her profession as a registered nurse to become her mom’s primary caregiver.

Cindy is a member of the Bukas Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community, her source of spiritual support and guidance. In between her caregiving duties, she serves in community as a member of the Word Ministry and, every once in a while, joins outreach programs for the elderly.

In her spare time, Cindy indulges her artistic side by playing the piano and watercolor painting. She also enjoys running, walking, and swimming. Reading and writing are Cindy’s refuge and ways of refreshing her spirit.