In 1980, a fourteen-year-old boy strummed his guitar and led the first prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus family. From a small group of 30 people in his parents’ garage, it has now grown into a multiplying movement around the world. The Light of Jesus Family dreams of building 100,000 Feasts around the world.

This movement partners with many ministries, such as Shepherd’s Voice, a media ministry active in TV, radio, publishing, and online programs that reach millions of people. Aside from these, Bo founded mercy ministries for the poor such as Anawim, a home for the abandoned elderly. He also helps parents who want to homeschool their kids through his Catholic Filipino Academy. He also has a passion for helping people grow in their financial life through the Truly Rich Club.

To learn more about Bo, connect with him via BrotherBoSanchez or visit his website,