Aldem Salvaña

Author of The World-Class Coach

Aldem Salvaña earned his Master’s Degree in Theological studies and Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the Ateneo de Manila University where he also taught for many years.

Upon discovering his passion for executive and life coaching, Aldem became the Head Coach and Managing Consultant of their family-owned business, Breakthrough Coaching and Consulting, Inc. (BCCI).

As a trainer and facilitator, Aldem has worked with leaders from over 450 organizations, facilitating 1,300+ workshops in the corporate, government, cooperative, medical, academic and religious settings in the Philippines and abroad.

With his core competencies in leadership development, team creative problem solving, change management and team building, Aldem has helped turn around organizations that would otherwise have disintegrated and re-established leaders from losing trust, unity and productivity.

As a world-class coach, Aldem is one of the first three Filipinos to become a certified Meta-Coach by the Meta-Coaching Foundation. He is also a Certified Full Trainer for the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. He certifies and trains executives, managers, and leaders to become Internationally Certified Meta-Coaches.

As a Meta-NLP master practitioner, he also certifies practitioner and master practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Aldem personally coaches CEOs, business owners, executives, senior managers, and other individuals, facilitating key transformations in their leadership and organizations. He is the personal coach and coaching trainer of Bo Sanchez and The Feast builders of the Light of Jesus Family. Aldem lives in Manila, Philippines with his wife, Vanessa and their five children. For more information, you may contact Aldem Salvaña at BCCI’s email: