Parts and Personifications: 40 Poems of Letting Go (E-Book)


Parts and Personifications: 40 Poems of Letting Go
by Kring Talladen



Parts and Personifications is a collection of poems on how each part of the poet’s life braved to face her different seasons, and how she imagined related objects to be talking on her behalf. She prays that with every word, line, stanza, and poem, further healing will take place; letting go and forgiveness will be easier to do; and love, which truly comes from God and springs out from the inner whole self, will takeover and prevail.


“Kring’s poems do far more than just give vent to her emotions. Playing with the number forty, she unites herself with Jesus’ desert experience . . . In the end, we all agree with her—‘that every end has a beginning, / every brokenness is a blessing, / every hurt leads to healing.’”

– Fr. Martin Macasaet, SDB
priest, professor, and poet

“With her eyes and heart fixed on the goal—on the vision of wholeness and healing that was promised at the end of her journey—Kring picked up the bloody, messy pieces of her broken heart and fragmented memories, and began the tedious task of piecing them together into a beautiful collection that shines of forgiveness, healing, hope, and redemption. . . May you find hope and healing in these poems, the way our dear poet has found hers.”

– Karren Renz Seña
writing coach and author,
The Lost Chronicles of Eden: Champions and Unwritten

“Beautifully written, these 40 poems of letting go. Kring’s words have rhythm like her dancing soul. If words have feelings, this collection captures it. Lyrical in some parts, poignant in others, Kring’s insightful poems takes us on a journey from darkness to light, confusion to clarity, and fear to trust. Her words are healing, read them and you just might find yourself letting go, too, for your own good.”

– Marjorie Duterte
bestselling author,
Love Yourself as God Loves You and COVID-Proof Your Soul